Conditions / is grounded not working

rmzn-53 6 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago 3

I want the stamina to decrease when I press the spacebar. I want the trigger to work when it's on the ground. 
But is grounded doesn't work or I can not. I can press the space key in the air. Stamina decreasing

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We've tested and looks like it works fine on our end. Can you add some Debug Message Actions on both the clause Actions and the Else actions? To see if the Conditions is being triggered at all. Also, can you post some screenshots or make a video showcasing this? It will help us narrow down the issue

I found a solution while doing what you said. Action was not working. I created the first action in Trigger.Then I added the conditions.I think it was some kind of bug. The problem has been fixed. Thank you.


I'm closing this issue since you worked it out. If you can reproduce it and post some screenshots showcasing it, feel free to do so here and I'll reopen the ticket.