Condition: character busy how to use it?

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Condition:  character busy how to use it?

If possible, I hope to update the document, I can not find this condition in the document

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What do you mean that the character is busy, can you provide additional information to what you are seeing?

Hi Zac:

Thank you for your reply. I found out when using the conditions. But when I searched for the document, I didn't find its description. I want to know when it returns true or false



This is a quite new and unique Condition. Previously there wasn't a way to properly communicate when a character could "do" something.

For example, a Melee module character is aware of its attack state and knows when it can perform a slash. The Shooter module, likewise, is aware when it can aim and shoot.

However, there wasn't a way to properly communicate between modules when both actions can be done. With the "is busy" we tried to tend a bridge. It's still considered an experimental feature, so we didn't want to make a big fuss about it.

The idea behind it it's that it acts like a semaphore: When the character is not busy, the player can shoot, attack and do plenty of things. However, as soon as one of these actions start being performed, it turns the "is busy" boolean flag to true until it has finished.

So far the experience has been good, however, there are a couple of things we need to address before making it into a fully fledged feature.

TL;DR: It tells when you can do an action that should forbid other actions to take place. For example, drinking a potion should set "is busy" to true while the character does the animation, so it can't attack while dinking it.