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Stanislav 6 months ago in Inventory updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 7

In item triggers there is a useful function "on drop item". But why does it work on only one subject? If I put the same trigger on an item, the trigger does not work on the second item. And even if I put another collider it does not help.

Unity version:
Unity 2018.4.18f1 (64-bit)
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Under review

Hi Stanislav. Not sure I understand this. You mean you put two Triggers on a game object? of type "on Drop Item" and only one of them works?

Yes exactly! But besides !!!!! I create an empty object, give it a collider and lay it on another object. For example, you need to make a door that opens a few keys. There is a trigger that fires on the 1st key. But how to make it work on the 2nd and 3rd key?

I think you could add 3 Triggers of type "On Drop Item" and each one accepting a different key. Then, create a Local Variable of type Number. With each Trigger, make the value increase a value of 1.

Then, call a Condition object that checks the variable number. If it's higher or equal than 3, means you have used 3 keys (I'm assuming each key can only be used once). If that's the case, open the door.

This workflow should work. If it doesn't can you post the screenshots?

I guess you misunderstood me. I had the same question as in the topic - how to do multi item on drop trigger. But as I understand it will be an update that will fix it.


Yup! The upcoming Inventory update will automagically fix this. In fact, I'm marking this ticket as resolved, since the issue has already been addressed. The update will be live on Monday most likely. Cheers!

Can you please add a tutorial for "on drop item" or "on drop to consume". i am confuse how to use it. because when ever i use "on drop item" on floor the inventory stops dropping item. if i dont use on drop item then the item prefab remain on the floor and i can pick it up a copy of that item. it only empty my inventory when i drop the item. So please guide me how to use this trigger.

Please, create a new thread if you want to ask a different question. Let's keep this organized