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Proper and clear tutorial for to use the melee mod

Loren Collazo 7 months ago in Melee updated by Xzm Xzm 7 months ago 4

I am having a hard time using the melee mod and finding a proper tutorial on how to use it. is there going to be an official how to use tutorial coming out, or is there a discord server to be used so I can talk to an actual person on how to use melee for my game dev skills?

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Under review

We're going to hold another short live-stream we're we'll show how to use the Melee Module along with the Stats (for stamina and health depletion) as well as the Behavior module (for attacking the player).

We'll post when very soon. In order to better prepare this live-stream, would you mind telling us where you're having issues? Or what you're struggling to accomplish. This will help us better prepare the key points.

Good. Where can I watch it?

It has not yet been done. We're working on updating the modules with new features, and after that, we'll get hands on it.

Great ! I look forward to it.