Consultation before buying

cloud cang 6 months ago in Game Creator updated 6 months ago 2

Will GC participate in the April 14th spring sale? Does GC's behavior tree support flying AI? These questions are the key to my consideration of whether to buy GC.

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Unity selects which assets go into Sale, but although they have our permission to add our packages, in the past we've not been put on Sale due to different reasons (mismatch on some data, etc...). So the answer is: We don't know.

Game Creator Behavior module is a standard Behavior Tree implementation. Game Creator characters can't fly, so the AI won't be able to make them fly. However, if you use a normal Transform component to move characters around, you could achieve this using the "Rotate Towards" Action and the "Transform Move" Action, which will effectively move characters in the Y axis as well.