Camera on first person gun?

Tathunder 6 months ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago 1

Is there any way to setup the camera so that the weapon is always visible on the screen in a FPS view?

I have tried setting up a FPS player several times but can not get the gun fixed like in a traditional FPS view.

Unity version:
latest LTS build
Game Creator version:
latest version

Thankyou very much, sorry I missed that!

Satisfaction mark by Tathunder 6 months ago

In the Weapon asset, where you choose which model to use, you have a list of options to where the weapon should be anchored. By default it uses the character's right hand. However, you can also choose the "Camera" option if you want the weapon to follow the camera.

Make sure to add some offset value to the Z axis, so the weapon doesn't clip through it. Cheers!