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Combo Button Change not working

Aeon FitzGerald 6 months ago in Melee updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 11

Trying to change A to B, not working. Whats happening?

 Screen Recording 2020-03-30 at 11.51.06 PM.mov

I'm also getting this error

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
GameCreator.Melee.CharacterMelee.OnReceiveAttack (GameCreator.Melee.CharacterMelee attacker, GameCreator.Melee.MeleeClip attack) (at Assets/Plugins/GameCreator/Melee/Mono/Components/CharacterMelee.cs:531)
GameCreator.Melee.CharacterMelee.LateUpdate () (at Assets/Plugins/GameCreator/Melee/Mono/Components/CharacterMelee.cs:164)

this one too 

UnassignedReferenceException: The variable exitClip of CharacterState has not been assigned.
You probably need to assign the exitClip variable of the CharacterState script in the inspector.
GameCreator.Melee.CharacterMelee.ResetState (GameCreator.Characters.CharacterState state, GameCreator.Characters.CharacterAnimation+Layer layer) (at Assets/Plugins/GameCreator/Melee/Mono/Components/CharacterMelee.cs:605)
GameCreator.Melee.CharacterMelee+d__95.MoveNext () (at Assets/Plugins/GameCreator/Melee/Mono/Components/CharacterMelee.cs:240)
UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) (at /Users/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/Export/Scripting/Coroutines.cs:17)
GameCreator.Melee.ActionMeleeDraw:InstantExecute(GameObject, IAction[], Int32) (at Assets/Plugins/GameCreator/Melee/Mono/Actions/ActionMeleeDraw.cs:26)
GameCreator.Core.IAction:InstantExecute(GameObject, IAction[], Int32, Object[]) (at Assets/Plugins/GameCreator/Core/ScriptableObjects/Interaction/IAction.cs:21)
GameCreator.Core.d__9:MoveNext() (at Assets/Plugins/GameCreator/Core/ScriptableObjects/Interaction/IActionsList.cs:107)
GameCreator.Core.IActionsList:Execute(GameObject, Action, Object[]) (at Assets/Plugins/GameCreator/Core/ScriptableObjects/Interaction/IActionsList.cs:91)
GameCreator.Core.IActionsListEditor:OnInspectorGUI() (at Assets/Plugins/GameCreator/Core/Editor/Interaction/IActionsListEditor.cs:204)
GameCreator.Core.ActionsEditor:OnInspectorGUI() (at Assets/Plugins/GameCreator/Core/Editor/Interaction/ActionsEditor.cs:72)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr) (at /Users/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/Modules/IMGUI/GUIUtility.cs:187)

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Hi Aeon; I'm marking this issue as resolved, since the code has been fixed on our end. The update should be live between tomorrow and Wednesday. If there are any further issues, let me know :-)

Satisfaction mark by Aeon FitzGerald 6 months ago

Hi Aeon;

The first error seems to indicate that one of your weapon's prefab doesn't have a Blade Component. Could you make sure all of the prefabs have one? I'm attaching a link where this is explained in more detail in the documentation: https://docs.gamecreator.io/melee/melee/weapons/blade-component.

The second error is an issue from our end (sorry about that). A temporal workaround is, in your Character State used in the Weapon Asset's General tab, add any animation in the On Enter and On Exit animation clips (at the bottom of the Character State asset).

Despite this, if you don't add them, this issue will be automatically resolved in the next iteration (I'm currently going over all modules and doing maintenance work, so I think it won't be long).

Thank you for the heads up!


Hi Aeon; I'm marking this issue as resolved, since the code has been fixed on our end. The update should be live between tomorrow and Wednesday. If there are any further issues, let me know :-)

Hey Marti, that's fine. I'll get that update and let you know! 

Great! I just got informed that the update is live in the Asset Store. Cheers!

hey, i still have this problem after the update

Yeah, I still can't change the combo buttons, I've got a sphere blade component on my weapon. 

Really? Are there any errors popping? Also, make sure you don't just download the update, but also install it (Module Manager -> Update Melee). It seems to work fine on our end.

 yeah i installed it through the module manager. 

I've also got the update installed with the same result 

its not working with unity 2019.3 but it does work with 2018.4

Under review

2019.3 is a curse. I'll open a ticket to check this out. But in the meantime, please use the 2018.4 LTS version. This is the recommended version for projects according to Unity. LTS means Long Term Stable/Support.

I'm reopening the ticket and get back once I figure out what's going on, whether it's a Unity issue or something that has changed between 2019.2 and 2019.3 that doesn't allow to save values.