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I cant make a FPS Controler

Gizmo Dude01 6 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago 2

A tutorial on this would be very helpful. every attempt I have tried to make one ends in failure my main issue now is on runtime the camera jumps above the player's head. The camera is set
up but when I hit play it shoots above the players head by 10(give or take) meters this is getting quite frustrating as I thought I had it.
when I try to move the camera in play mode it refuses to move at all. The player moves, and the camera moves with it just not on the players head, I have the motor on the player and have camera controler set up.

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Fixed, would like to take down

Not a bug

Glad you found a way to solve this. Just as a side note, at play-mode you can't manually move the camera because its position and rotation is constantly being updated by the linked Camera Motor. So even if you try to move it, its position will be overwritten the next frame update.

You can, however, modify the camera motor at runtime and the effects will be reflected in the camera.