Collision check...standing up under object

DigitalProphet 6 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago 1

Hi, I posted this issue on the GC Discord chat. I'm not sure if we are understanding each other. I set trigger with an action that when the C key is pressed the player goes into the crouch state and sets the player height property to 1, then another trigger when the C key is released that it sets the state to walking and sets the player height property back to 2.  I do this so that collision is enabled for the player to crouch beneath objects. However, when doing this under an object there is no check or no default to ignore the release. It would be great if there is a check for collision on the character as I've seen used in some other alternatives. This might be there but I'm doing something wrong.

VIDEO of issue

Unity version:
2018 LTS
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Hi DigitalProphet; This is by design. You need to do the check using the condition Character Capsule and check if the player can fit with the desired height.

Otherwise, it would change the state of the character to "standing", but it wouldn't change the capsule height.