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Homie 7 months ago in Dialogue updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 7 months ago 3

Hi! I recently purchased a Dialogue module, and I have the following problem. In the game, I use a mechanic where a new message is shown using the button; it's kind of like in Visual novels, only everything is through the button). 

So, I struggled with this problem all day and could not figure it out myself. 

All i need is ability show next Text line through button, without default "Skip" options, cause they dont work for me.

As I understand it, everything goes through coroutines, but how to implement it I do not understand.

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Hi Homie;

Not sure I understand this. So you want to use a button for both finishing the typewriting effect and skipping lines right? That's done using the Skip Key option. Could you further elaborate why this isn't working for you?


Exactly! I need this kind of user interaction with the dialog.
About why isn't working for me, it does, only not in this case) 

(Example of use in the video) 

The reason why i want Dialogue module in first place, is using global variables inside text, pretty cool function, i really like it))

I dug around for these couple of days and decided that I would probably stay with the current mechanics, but it would be cool if in the future you added a reference to the UI elements, or something like that)


Noted. With the Input System that's coming along, we may also be able to define multiple ways to skip and and finish a typewriting effect without having to reference the Dialogue, though.