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Tween Camera and Disappearing Characters

Cr4shBarcode 7 months ago in Game Creator updated 7 months ago 4

Tried to use the Tween camera today, and there's a really weird bug where it points to the left during play, no matter what rotation it's originally placed at. I even tried placing the camera motor inside of an empty and rotating the empty, but on play, the camera points to the left.

Also, there's a fairly recent bug where the characters just disappear. They are not inactive; the box is checked in the Inspector. But the character does not appear. It happened to one of my characters a couple weeks ago, but I ignored it to do other things and decided to fix it later. But today, just now, I'm working on a new character--everything was going fine and then out of nowhere, on play, the character disappears from the scene. On the previous play she was there; on the next play she isn't. The character is active, but invisible.

See video here: 

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I didn't see anything wrong in the video. The Tween camera is activated around minute 2:40 right? Seems to work fine. Can you point me to where the problem is?

Regarding the character disappearing, make sure you're not using the FPS camera and setting the "Hide Model" option. Other than that, GC shouldn't be touching any of the meshes.

The problem is that the camera, on play, is facing the wrong way. In the video, you can clearly see that it’s meant to point at the character in the wall. On play, not only is it pointing the wrong direction, but the duration is clipped too. It doesn’t matter what the rotation is set at; on play, it always faces that direction.

Concerning the character disappearing, this is not about the FPS camera. There are no first person cameras being used here. In the video, you can see that there is supposed to be a character inside the wall. On play, you cannot see her model until the player reaches up and takes her into his arms. You should have been able to see her model the moment the player knocked a hole in the wall. Furthermore, all this used to work fine (except for the Tween camera, which was acting weird immediately). On play, you could see the character inside the wall. Then I did something innocuous, like change a few words of dialogue, and ever since the character has been disappearing on play.

please watch the video again so you can see what I mean.

Maybe it's due to the fact that the Camera Tween is inside an object called TweenFix. This object seems to be rotated. Remember that objects that are child of other objects inherit their parent's transform properties (position, rotation and scale).

Also, try using the Look At property face the corpse inside the room. This should give you the correct rotation.


Hi, thanks for your reply.

It's not the Tween Fix. I added Tween Fix as a parent of the camera in an attempt to force it to rotate. The Tween camera was acting up first; I added the Tween Fix empty because you can often change the position and rotation of some objects through a parent. It did not work, however. The camera continues to face a direction it's not pointed at, no matter what I do.

I've even tried a new Tween camera to get this shot-- same thing.

I will use the "Look At" as a final attempt, but I will lose the 'pan up' cinematic effect I was going for.

Thanks for your help.