Anything new coming soon?

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Maybe, anything new coming soon?




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The melee module will be released soon. There is a live stream scheduled for this week... 

I'll be watching today and buying as soon as available. I also look forward to traversal and VR.

# Thanks, it was a very good webinar.

I look forward to all future add-ons and of course Melee as soon as it arrives. Any ETA?


Secrets... I can't reveal anything but here's a broad stroke on what we've been up to, not in any particular order:

- Melee module: It's coming very soon. Just a few things to polish here and there and it will be ready as a Beta in the Asset Store.

- Traversal: The upcoming module. We were hesitant to create it since we also want to work on the next major Game Creator iteration (version 2), but since DOTS and UIElements are still in a very early phase, we'll most likely work on this first.

- Game Creator 2.0: Nothing much at the moment. Right now it's a project with a bunch of testing scripts where we've tested: polymorphic serialization, ECS with Jobs, new Async/Await Action system, new modular character manager and a bunch of other things. Everything is very promising, but before we make a decision to stick with certain tech, we have to hear it from Unity that they will support that.

- New web platform: For the next GC version we're revamping and turning the Hub up to eleven. This is something we've been cooking for a while and can't wait to show you what we have in store. It's going to be delightful, for both Hub developers and new GC users.

But I've already said too much... :-P


Would like to see the Traversal Module as it is the final missing piece in my project.

Love the system, will definitely be upgrading to GC2 late 2021 when it's stable, but for now I would like to complete my projects with GC1 and would definitely invest in a GC1 Traversal Module.

Any ballpark release date on the Module?


Not yet. We've been busy updating the modules as well as creating a new tutorial series. We'll start working on the Traversal module very soon :-)