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Zhav 🇰🇳 7 months ago in Dialogue updated 7 months ago 2

Possibly adding an option/support for TextMeshPro

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Under review

This topic has been discussed in Discord, but it's good to move the conversation here, so we can centralize how this works out.

Our idea is to always prioritize built-in components over third-party ones, so we have smallest number of dependencies possible. If we add support for TMP out of the blue, because it doesn't come with Unity's default Editor, so a bunch of errors would pop as soon as you would install Game Creator.

However, Text Mesh Pro (from now on; TMP) used to add a scripting symbol called TMP_PRESENT (or something similar). This allowed programmers to detect whether TMP was installed at compilation time, which would have solved our problems...

... But this feature is gone now, so there is* (was) no way of detecting it. 

Another user, Necka, told us a way to detect it and work around this. We haven't had the time to look into it yet, but looked very promising.

TL;DR: We believe it's possible but requires some work. We plan on adding support for this, but we have other priorities at the moment.

Happy to see it's still on the table