add resource for variables and the possibility to access more properties of the attached components

Rodrigo Machado 7 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 7 months ago 3

I am posting this suggestion because when I started creating a health bar and time I noticed that there was no way to subtract one "number" variable from another, which makes it impossible for me to create a health bar through the "fill amoult" resource. That I didn't even find ways to access.

- It would be something like allowing to choose to add a value from one variable to another, instead of a specific value (variable number example)

- Access resources like a component's "fill amount"

If I am wrong and there are ways to create the bar, please guide me towards the right path (haha).

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I used the action "call method" and it solves my problem calmly.

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It's a bit hidden, but there's an Action called "Math Variable". It allows to perform an operation with up to 3 different variables and store the result in one.

Regarding access to properties (example: Fill Amount), are there ways of doing this ?  To create an hp bar.

Regarding the variables, I believe it is very well located, my mistake was that it was the only operation that I didn't check. Thanks for your response


Unfortunately there isn't a component that allows to access the fill amount property with the core tools (that's in the Stats module). I'm opening a ticket to see if this can be addressed later on.