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Yeresoro Francois 3 weeks ago in Game Creator updated 3 days ago 4

Hi Marti,

I would like to know if there is a plan to make longer tutorials showing most of the tools and best practice of game creator. I saw in most of your youtube videos and your documentation, but still I am lost when it come to know how to make a game. It is really missing a 1 long tutorial putting everything in place.

This could introduce some modules as well.

You could check "adventure game creator" as reference

, it has 4 tutorials that are from 1 to 2 hours lenght.

After you follow those tutorials, you start to really understand how to use the beast.

Instead of being lost, because you don't even know the possibilities of the asset.

You don't have to make it super awesome, just showing step by step how to make a simple game mechanic using most of the features of game creator.

I know it take time, but it is also a really good way to attract new users.

Have a great day!

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This is something worth discussing. The thing is that, I usually hate watching +1 hour videos. Even 30 minute videos start to feel too long to watch and I'd rather prefer have shorter 10 to 15 minute videos.

However, we don't have the absolute truth here and everyone likes learning by different means: some prefer watching longer videos, others shorter, others streams or even in written format.

Not sure if we'll be able to do this, but there's an adventure game jam coming up in a few months. We will most likely enter this jam, as it allows us to, on one hand, break from the routine, and on the other one, see from the game designer's point of view the flaws of Game Creator (it's not the same developing tools than using them).

So maybe we can record and create a video showing how we created the game. Just a wild idea, but I'd like to know what you think of it.



Hi Marti,

Thank you for your repply :)

We sure all have different way to learn,

I personaly like to learn by following a tutorial example (I dont care about video or text with screenshots both are good), and redoing it myself. Even if it take me a day to complete.

With such tutorial, you learn a hughe amount of informations, and all are put together. After that you can have a more specific support via the forum, because you have an understanding of the different parts already.

You could cut the video in a few chunks, instead of 1 long video, also.

The gamejam is certainly a good Idea, and any learning material would be really appreciated from my side.

But I think best is a tutorial where the project is though in advance, go sthraight to the point, and there is no trying and error. One project where you can demonstrate the most important feature of your asset.

I think game creator is a great asset for a modular tutorial, where you could make a generic game, with the main tool, and then based on this game, later on, introduce your module to expand to various gameplay mechanic (a fps with the shooter, an adventure game with the inventory, plattformer...)

Another learning material could be a game demo template you can download and check for best practice and how it is implemented. (the downside for me is you don't see the process in the template and you can miss some piece of informations)

I don't know about other users, they might have other inputs.

Have a good day, and thank you for your job !


Excellent. Yeah you're right. Something more concrete would be better, and splitting the video in a series of chunks would work best. Thanks! I've taken note and hopefully I'll create one reproducing a similar game like The Investigation.