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Potential Import Issue

Nate 8 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 8 months ago 2

Hello! I've just tried updating Game Creator to the newest first (from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3), however I keep having issues where it will import duplicate assets (so I'll get files like Action.cs, Action 2.cs). I keep trying to fix the issues by deleting the Plugins and Gizmos folders completely and re-importing Game Creator from scratch (from the unity asset store window) and the Shooter Module (from the asset store and then module manager), which will work for a moment and all my actions will reconnect themselves to the game objects, but if I leave unity for a few minutes or build it to XCode and then come back to it, the "import assets" window just pops up automatically and re-imports a bunch of Game Creator stuff, which is when it gets broken due to all of the duplicate assets. Any way to basically reset Game Creator so it doesn't keep trying to import the assets, preferably without having the duplicate everything over to a new project.

I have a feeling I'm not importing this in the correct way but not sure where I'm going wrong. Thanks for the help!

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So I tried deleting the assets directly from Finder rather than in the Unity Project window, and it's been about an hour and I haven't seen it import duplicates yet, so that may have fixed it. It may have something to do with iCloud syncing and backing up the folder and restoring it after removing it in Unity. I'll update again if anything changes, but as of now I think the issue is gone (and likely nothing to do with Game Creator).

Not a bug

Okay, let me know if you experience this again. Importing shouldn't cause any issues unless you have duplicated the Game Creator folder (that would generate new IDs for all assets).

I'm marking this issue as not a bug. If this happens again, feel free to reopen this topic.