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Elmano, thanks to your perfect tools. 

There is something wrong with my conditions. They just don't work. Am I doing anything wrong?

I've also used "Call Condition" but nothing works.

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You will need to post a screen shot of what you are doing. Show the condition, and what trigger you use to call it.


Are you calling first a trigger like get key down, then condition (if this do this action) and then Else other condition (do other action) ?

usually a condition is used after a trigger

I just fixed the problem, thanks. 

That's good but let us all know what you did to fix your problem. That helps others later maybe having the same troubles.

Elmano, when dear ProfPivec asked for screen shots, I decided to do my last attempts to make them work bafore I send them(that's why I didn't send screen shots). I deleted all my conditions and triggers and started adding triggers and linking actions and conditions to the them but this time in a very neat order, and that did the trick, that's all I did.