Is Game creator the new Playmaker?

eagleeyez 8 months ago in Game Creator updated 8 months ago 2

Is Game creator the new Playmaker?

YES it is and also not Playmaker!

Playmaker is a FSM (finite state machine) where GC is a machine.

With Playmaker you can do a hell of a lot but you are stuck in spaghetti mode. (Re-readable code == null)

This.game = (GameCreator == Do what the hell you want (because it can).create anything you want());

  • Is understanding code important with Game Creator?

No, if you want do this, If not do that, or if not do something else.

Then move character, jump, shoot, and so on. Why recreate the wheel when GC does it all for you?

I love PlayMaker but I think it has now outlived its possibilities.

I can program but I am lazy. I want to say do this when I SAY, do it and it does it.

This is Game Creator and I see it only getting better.

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Hahaha thanks :-D Really appreciate your words. Today it's raining here and Barcelona, but your comment lightened up the mood. Cheers!