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Game Creator 2.0, Inventory 2.0 and maybe other modules. Will this be free for current users?

eagleeyez 8 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 8 months ago 3

As the title explains,

Will current users get free upgrades?

I acknowledge you have to make money

But if people invest in version 1, then version 2 should be a free upgrade. Version 3 I would pay for again if I think V1 and V2 was worth it. As like people who buy then V2 get V3 Free but pay for V4 and so on.

You need to keep your customer base and like some unity authors they just try to pull money for each version and they lose and in the end they deprecate their asset. I know, I have loads of them.

But all of your assets / plug-ins are extremely good and no I have not yet given a review but soon for all of your assets and some very good 3rd party assets like photon and UI components..

Today I just purchase Inventory and Ui components. I am happy but you really need to get some better examples and definitely more getting started and use case scenarios like step-by-step (this is how we will build…….), and they should be spoken YouTube videos (narrated).

I am planning to make GC and module tutorials for YouTube but I have decided to keep back as I here from newer 2.0 versions will be coming.

So if you want to have YouTube spoken tutorials quicker then send me your Betas.

Keep up your dam good work. This is Amazing stuff. 

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We haven't decided yet whether Game Creator 2.0 will be a free upgrade, paid upgrade or will be discounted for existing users. We most likely be following the third option, but it's not definitive. Of course, we'll be giving some grace period for those users who purchase Game Creator close to the release date of the second version.

I would like to note that Game Creator is still in draft. It will still take a year to develop and even then, we'll keep providing support for both Game Creator 1 and Game Creator 2. The next major iteration is going to be built from ground up and change all the code architecture, and it's going to take a lot of time.

Regarding the video tutorials, thanks! We'll keep you in mind ;-)

Very intrigued by the sound of Game Creator 2.0, is there anywhere we can find out more? Thanks.

Not really. Currently it's a long list of improvements over Game Creator version 1. Things that speed up the workflow, but that can't be added to the current version because it would require changing the entire architecture.

The concepts will be exactly the same: You'll have Actions, Conditions and Triggers. Cameras and Characters will be improved to allow a more flexible workflow and will be much easier to extend.

On top of this, we're experimenting with a brand new Character system that, despite looking very similar to the current one, will be broken down in small sub-modules. This will allow us to easily create integrations with third-party assets or new character systems that Unity releases (we heard they are working on a new Standard Character package as well as the new Kinematica project).

But as I said, it's a long list of "ideas" and we, from time to time, try them out and assess whether they will be feasible to use or not.