How to Setup Game creator

Rathin hasan 8 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 8 months ago 10

Sir i already get game creator and when i import game creator in my project the. Its didn't show me the game creators buttons and the window. Only i can find game creator in package manager and plugin. But i can't create anything by it. Please sir please help me to solved my issues. I followed the Documentation but i'm failed to setup this.

Unity version:
Latest LTS version
Game Creator version:

You should read the tutorials.

This one is to install Game Creator. https://docs.gamecreator.io/quickstart/setup

And this one is to install any modules that you purchased. https://docs.piveclabs.com/tutorials/tutorials-for-game-creator/installing-or-updating-modules

Hope this helps.

Sir i import Game creator package but i get some errors. and i could not find Game creator menu and Options on right click mouse. help me sir. please i beg all

Try importing the latest version (1.1.3) from the Asset store. Do this in an empty project. It appears that something is missing from your package, as the install should start automatically.

But you need a valid copy of GC purchased from the Unity Asset Store.

Actually i'm a student. I can't afford GC. Because its very costly for me.

is there have any other way to get this from anyone else?

Well, that I’ve never seen before on a forum of a developer someone asking how to get a pirated copy of GC to work in unity.

Start saving and then in May Unity will most probably have their May madness sales and you get GC for 50% and most probably other modules too. GC is actually very cheap for what you get.

The only other way to get GC for free is to learn programming and build it yourself.

Other than that you will also want the other modules as you go along so start saving but do also learn C# as you wait, as that will help you immensely using Unity and other plugins.

Thanks Dear, i will must following your instruction.

Nope. That would be breaking the rules of the Unity Asset store, and actually stealing from the developer.  The developer of Game Creator works very hard to support this community, and pirated copies undermine his efforts. 

I know the teams work very hard. I respect them a lot. But there have no way for me. I'm a students so it's a costly for me. You can understand my point


I'm closing this ticket. We can understand that there are different country economies and students may not have the monetary wealth to afford our product. You can bring this topic to us, or you can wait for a Unity Asset Store sale, but there's no excuse for piracy.