Not a bug

FPS Camera Motor (Model hide)

DigitalProphet 8 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 8 months ago 1

Possible bug.
When using a Player model and being in FPS Camera Motor it's all fine.

Experimental Hide character is on. I don't see the character and

everything is good.

Then I use a trigger and an action that swaps player model in runtime as

well as an action that sets the camera motor and hides the new model.

However it seems that the new character model is still not hidden.

Unity version:
Game Creator version:
Not a bug

Not really a bug. The Hide Model simply tells the camera to hide the model at a certain point in time, but doesn't ensure it will stay hidden. Despite this, why would you want to change the 3D model of a character if you have hidden it?

Unless I'm missing something, this is the expected behavior