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GC Inventory & Invector cont.

Pandar 9 months ago in Inventory updated 9 months ago 2

Hey. Has anyone tried to use GC Inventory and a character with an Ivector Controller? The character has both a “hook” and a script “PlayerEquipment” - but things from the inventory do not attach.

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There's currently no official integration between these two packages. However, I'm interested in why you want to use Invector's controller. Does it have something that Game Creator's lack?

Despite this, using GC's Inventory shouldn't prevent you from using other character controllers, unless you need specific features related to characters (equipment, skin mesh attachment, etc...).

The Invector implements a large number of actions and animations, such as: auto-crouch, climbing an obstacle, climbing stairs, catapult, etc. Plus a large number of character controller settings. (Finally I paid for it)))

At the moment, the GC Inventory substation does not interfere with the use of the Invector - they do not work together. ( Items from the inventory do not dress for the Invector character.