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how to make perception sight to see any part of a model or a custom collider?

Niukeh 8 months ago in Behavior updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 8 months ago 1

Im not sure, but it seems the perception component detects only the center of the character controller collider, please correect me if im wrong. I want to be able to use  any part of the  collider  or a custom collider to check if its visible beacause right now my 1.8 meters tall player can hide behind a 1m wall just because the center of the character controller is below the 1 meter tall wall. Any thoughts or solutions apreciated. hope it makes sense , Thanks.

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Hi Niukeh;

You're correct. The sight perception checks the center of the object using a raycast (so it has no volume). I'll try to find a solution to this issue, but I'm not sure there's currently a work around.

The Character is surrounded by a Capsule collider, so you can't individually track the head, arms, and legs, since the sight "rays" will never go any further than the capsule.

Another solution might be using a character's bounding box, but I don't really like it, since a small finger peeking through a wall could alert a guard.