Dialog Choices Keep Repeating

Cr4shBarcode 9 months ago in Dialogue updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 9 months ago 1

There has been a problem with this for a couple of days but now it has somehow become worse. When I use multi-option dialog, it keeps popping up on the screen. For instance, let's say that I have a line of dialog "Do you want a cupcake?" with options "Yes" and "No", and if you choose "Yes", dialog appears that says "Here you go!" For at least the past week, maybe longer, choosing "Yes" just brings up "Do you want a cupcake?" again and again and again; the second part of the dialog, "Here you go!" does not appear. 

I used to get around this by having completely separate dialogs for every option I needed, and destroying the multi-option dialog after it ran. That worked for maybe two days. Now, even after destroying the multi-option dialog option, the options themselves still remain on the screen and won't go away. In the screenshots below, the dialog was supposed to end after clicking "Yes", but you can see that the options remain on the screen for no reason. They remained there until I turned off the playtest, over a minute later.

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You probably have the Dialogue skin misconfigured. Make sure that the root object of each section of your Dialogue is correctly placed in the Dialogue UI component.

In particular, there are a handful of fields called "Wrap Choice", Wrap Text", "Wrap Timer", etc... Check out how these properties in the default Dialogue skins link to the child game objects; These should contain all the visual elements related to the different parts of your skin.