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Toggle with conditional

casimiro ondo 9 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 9 months ago 3

Funciona muy bien con triggle para activar un objeto, pero quiero crear un condicional para trabajos de alternar, pero no me permite ser activado y desactivado con Keycode Escape.

Cómo resolverlo.

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Hi Casimiro;

I'm translating your question so other users can benefit form your question.

It works very well with Trigger to activate an object, but I want to create a conditional for toggle jobs, but it doesn't allow me to be activated and deactivated with Keycode Escape. How to solve it

Couldn't understand what you mean. Can you provide some screenshots showing what you mean by alternating jobs activated by the Escape key?

I have the same problem right now. I want to show a game menu with ESC but its not working as intended. I think its something in Unity. When I change the keycode to TAB its working fine.

I use a global variable I am setting to true/false depend on if the window is open or closed.

Have you tried using Unity 2018.4? The latter versions (more so if you're using 2019.3) aren't really stable.