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SFX on UI hover

Eric 9 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 9 months ago 1

Cannot seem to make a sound effect work when I hover my mouse over the UI.

I used the "On Mouse Enter UI" Trigger and the "Play Sound" Action attached to said trigger but, nothing happens.

Unity version:
2.31 personal
Game Creator version:
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I've just tested this and works fine on my end. Are you sure you have attached the Trigger "On Mouse Enter UI" on top of a UI component? bear in mind that only raycastable elements will receive on mouse events. These are: Buttons, Image, Raw Image, ... But not empty game objects.

If that's not the case, would you mind sharing some screenshots of your current scene?

PS: I hope your Unity version is not 2.x. This one was released like 9 years ago :-P