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Can't apply modified component/parameters to prefab

Reynold Erwandi 9 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 9 months ago 3

I'm usually working with prefabs. Sometimes I need to change component or values for the prefabs from the scene and apply the modification I made to prefab by right clicking the component/values and apply to prefab. But in game creator component, i can't right click and use that option. Its really slow down my productivity and unintuitive for me. 

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Not a bug

Unfortunately, this is something we can't work around. For some reason, the new Prefab System from Unity doesn't allow to modify the structure of a prefab, whereas in the previous one, we could.

This issue will be addressed in a future major release, but to do so, we'll have to rebuild the entire visual scripting solution from scratch.

Here I attach the video of the bug for details because its not about prefab structure in particular.

I already answered you this question on Discord, but for future reference, when you add a new Action on an Actions component, you're creating a new hidden component that's only visible through the Actions component. Adding or removing components from a prefab instance (not on prefab mode) is forbidden now by Unity (with the new Prefab System), because it changes the hierarchical structure.

It's something we're aware of, but when we built the Actions system, this was doable, because the Prefab worked differently. We're experimenting with a new approach for a future major release that will be compatible with Unity's new Prefab System.