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suggestion for message actions

cel 9 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 9 months ago 1

would it be possible to add a field to the message actions (floating and standard) where we could select the prefab to use?

this way we could modify the original template and save it under a different name and use it on the action.

also a way not to use time in those actions and and have another action to hide the message

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Under review

You can change the prefab template heading to the "General" tab under the Game Creator Preferences Window. This will change the template used throughout your entire project.

As for allowing more customization when skipping the message, this has been requested. I'm not sure this component is intended for this use, and can't assess without taking a deep look if it's feasible. 

I'm opening a ticket and see if it's doable, but isn't high in the priority lists. More advanced conversations should be using the Dialogue module.