Traversal needs to come sooner rather than later

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Traversal needs to come sooner rather than later

Traversal is much needed and please take a lookat Animancer, building your controller like Animancer would eliminate the need of stupid mecanim and make using custom animations a breeze. There is a free version that you can look at. Building actions for animancer is easy and you could make it as a new module.

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Hi Eagleeyez!

We've got good news for you :-) Animancer uses a Unity system called "Playable API". This has been part of Game Creator's core part since 2017.4.

Gestures & States use this API and can do everything Animancer can, but with some different names and other options (tailored to the Game Creator's workflow). We've been working on this since it was experimental and recently rebuild it so it works even more flawlessly.

The Traversal module will heavily rely on the Gesture & States animation system, but will also include a bunch of different features. For example, something as simple as vaulting over an obstacle isn't just about playing a vault animation, but to sync the speed of the character with the current one, sync the animation length with the entire vaulting process and deactivate any collisions the character may have.

This is a simple case, but gets more complicated when you have to do zip-lines, ledge hanging and so on.

Unfortunately, the Traversal module has been put on hold until we have a better understanding of the direction Unity wants to take. We want to push forward the creation of Game Creator 2.0, but only when some currently experimental features are stable enough.

Hope this sheds some light to how the situation is. If you have further questions, feel free to continue them below.



Just another "vote" for the Traversal module. :-)