Custom action to be used in a BT: get quest/task status and return Failed or Success accordingly

moreiramario 10 months ago in Behavior updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 10 months ago 1

Hi there,

In order to control my game play, I need to add to my BT an action that gets a given Quest/task status (active, completed...) and depending of it, returns Failed or Success (then to impact a Decorator rule).

Can you please advise?


Unity version:
Game Creator version:
BT 0.2.3

Hi Mario!

Should be fairly easy to do. Once you have installed the Quests and Behavior modules in your game project, you can use the Quest's Conditions inside the Behavior one; Using a Selector graph node with the Condition "Is Quest X Active" (for example).

Let me know if you encounter further issues setting this up. Cheers!