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I want to have a Noticeboard type thing in my game where you can see available quests. For this I need to break quests down in to groups, probably something like Easy, Medium and Hard. In one area I want to show Easy quests on the board. In another area, I want Medium etc. 

My question is really whether this can be done? Any ideas clearly welcome but I want to use this as a bit of learning journey for myself as well. 

My plan is to use a modified Quest Journal UI as the message board, with the option to activate quests. The quests will need to show only In-Active, filtered quests (see above).

Reckon this will work?

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Hi Oliver!

Great question, and my take is that this is perfectly possible (with a caveat). As you say, you'll have some sort of modified Journal. Not really the Journal as it is, but only the components used to display quests. 

I would start creating 3 Quests: Easy, Medium and Hard. Each of these should have a list of Tasks, where each one is its own side-quest.

Now, to display a Noticeboard, simply create a Canvas object and add in a Quests Group. This allows you to display a list of quests filtered. The caveat I was mentioning before is that this component doesn't allow you to choose a specific quest. I've already opened a ticket to resolve this and should be available very soon. You'll be able to filter by Quest ID too.

So, once you have the Quests Group set up, all that you need to do is create how the quests will appear inside the list. To do so, create a new UI prefab and add in a Quest UI, linking the Text components for the name, description, and a button to activate the quest. You can see how the Journal does this by looking at its prefab, but shouldn't be hard to see. If you have troubles setting this up, let me know in the comments :-)

For more information about the Quest Group and Quest UI components, see the documentation link: https://docs.gamecreator.io/quests/quests/quests-ui/custom-ui.


thanks. That actually lines up with my plan which is kinda nice.

What I would say is that I don't know how this will actually work until the Quest Tagging request is assessed. I wouldn't want main plot quests on "the board" only side quests. And then only some of them at a time (so there are always more to show later).

perhaps I could have a "Plot quests" quest and a "Side quests" quest, each with its own tasks. However it feels easier to wait for Quest Tags, and add a bit of randomisation options in to the Quest Group module.

Although tags would be ideal in your case, you can still work around this; The first task in each Side-Quest could be "accepting the mission". This will allow you to control which quests appear in the Noticeboard by filtering only the active ones.

It's a bit difficult to paraphrase this: The idea is that the Noticeboard only shows active Tasks from a specific Quest. In order to control which missions appear in the noticeboard, all you have to do is set to "Active" the first task of each mission. Once the Player clicks on "accept mission", the second task of the side-quest will begin.

As for not showing main story plot lines, that's feasible to do: The idea is that your Noticeboard (for the Easy missions, for example) only shows the sub Tasks of the "Easy Missions" Quest. This will leave out any other quests (from the main story, Medium Mission and Difficult Missions) out of the Noticeboard.

Hope this makes sense. If it doesn't I'll try posting an image showing this better. Cheers!