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Hi there,

I'm having some issues with the character controller applying too much force on objects on collision.
A character with only 1 mass is being able to send a 1000 mass object flying around the scene just by touching it.

Does the Character Controller applies custom forces on another objects thought code or something like that?

If it does, it is possible to disable this behaviour?

Thank you Ondrej

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Hi Ondrej

Glad you opened this topic. We're currently working around this since other users have brought up to the table the same concerns.

The thing is that we use Unity's Character Controller in order to move characters around the scene. This component is not physics-based so it doesn't inherently interact with physical objects. To solve this, what we did is that if a character touches an object with a rigidbody component, it slightly pushes it based on the character's velocity.

However, because the Physics engine doesn't resolve both the collided object and the character's collision: Because the character is not affected by the collision, it appears to behave like a titanic force when colliding with objects.

We will allow to disable pushing rigidbodies around, but it would be ideal if we could modify how gentle the character pushes other objects around it. This last part is being investigated.

Thank you so much. Do you have any ETA when it will be resolved? Thanks a lot!!!

Hi guys, 

I am also facing this problem right now, I set up a Driving system with conditions and actions and when I get close to vehicles to interact with them (I have to be close in the trigger and press a button) I encounter this..If I touch them a little they go up in the sky.. Good luck solving this guys! I tried fixing it myself but without success so I'll just leave the system as it is for now until you'll have the fix:D Thank you for helping us!

yeah me too. I am doing it with the train using physics and rigidbody. hope they ll fix it fast


Good news! I already implemented this and works like charm. You'll now see a new "Push Force" property under the Advanced Properties section at the Character's Inspector.

We also discovered a bug (pretty nasty one). When an object A collides with object B, the velocity multiplied by mass of A is transferred to B, thus moving it. However, there was an error in our code that in this same exact situation, the velocity of A multiplied by the mass of B was transferred to B. This is why objects fly around with so much force.

We aim to release a new version tomorrow or the day after tomorrow at most (depends on how long it takes for us to finish bug hunting).

I'm marking this issue as resolved as it's already fixed on our end. If after the update you experience any issues, feel free to reopen this topic.

PS: I've also fixed the fact that you couldn't stand on Rigidbodies.


WOW! You're fuc*king awesome!! LOOKING forward for UPDATE. Love youuu. You resolved my the biggest issue!!!

Thanks! :-D Just circling back to say that the update is already available on the Unity Asset Store. Cheers!