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[Sound] FMOD with Game Creator

Mirabel 10 months ago in Game Creator updated 10 months ago 3

Hi there,

I was wondering if there's any plan of adding FMOD integration into Game Creator, such like creating an action similar to Play Sound but something that might allow you to send that event to FMOD for better audio management and editing?

I wish you a wonderful day!

I purchased Game Creator recently and I really really enjoy it, best tool I've used so far in Unity! Wonderful job, thank you!

Unity version:
2018 lts
Game Creator version:
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Thank you Mirabel for your kind words!

Regarding FMOD, we don't have much experience with it and we weren't planning on adding support. This is actually the first time someone's asked for it. I'm genuinely interested in knowing what are the benefits of using FMOD instead of Unity's sound system.

I've dig a bit and saw that FMOD requires an external library in order to work (if that's not right, please correct me). To add an integration package with FMOD it would need to be as a separate module, since it depends on the Unity-FMOD integration package.


Thank you for your response! 

Benefits are infinite more, no doubt, provides tons of more features such as editing the sounds individually in the tool, calling one shots or more audios and setting  rules for each of them, adding effects and filters, creating progressive music and sound for the games and so on.. all in all it's much more control in your hands wit less to 0 codding in Unity. 

So, when I initially asked I thought that it would be simple for you to create an action like this, which requires your text input for the path of the sound in the FMOD library (such as event:/SFX/etc) so it actually calls sounds from FMOD. This is an example below on how you typically replace a Unity's sound system event with a FMOD one: 

hurtAudioPlayer.PlayRandomSound();  <<< this was a one shot sound being called with Unity's sound system and this is how it is replaced with an event from FMOD: FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.PlayOneShot("event:/SFX/etc", GetComponent<Transform>().position);

As I am not a programmer I am sure I may talk nonsense but in my mind the things looked more simple as I did not take into account how the external library works and how it can communicate with Game Creator in the background.

I have found workarounds anyway for using FMOD with a Game Creator game..one of them would be to create Events on Animations which call sounds from FMOD using their location nomenclature ("event:/SFX/etc") > such as described in this section of this YouTube video.

There are more ways of doing this kind of things I think..so it's a good start.

Thank you for your time investigating my request :D I'll post more info on Discord once I have a clear way of using FMOD with Game Creator systems in case there are other guys wanting to use FMOD, 

Good luck guys and congrats for your work!

Thanks Mirabel for the detailed explanation! We weren't aware of this. Although seems feasible, once we have the core modules build, we are interested in making "Integration" modules for other packages. This one seems suitable. I can't promise this will be in the near future (sorry) but I'm adding it to the list :-)

Cheers and thanks!