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Thanks. So what does "Load Scene with Player" actually do? It...

Oliver Marshall 10 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 10 months ago 7


So what does "Load Scene with Player" actually do? It doesn't seem to move the player TO the scene, or move the player WITHIN the scene. Poor chap always appears in the place I've put the prefab.

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I've detached your questions from the previous one to keep things better organized.

I haven't experienced this issue, and might be a bug. I'll open a ticket on our system to have a loot at it. Could you tell us whether you're using the Save Game or Load Game action before? These might have a say in this issue.

Not even got as far as saving or loading so no, they don't feature. 

Thanks! Okay, I'll run some tests and circle back

Not Reproducible

Hi Oliver. I've been trying to reproduce this without success. Everything seems to work as expected. I'm at Scene1 using the Action "Load Scene With Player" as follows.

At Scene2 the Player is at position (0,0,0), however, because the Load Scene with Player Action specifies the Player should be at (5,5,5) it appears at that position. If this still doesn't work for you, would you mind sharing a video capture of the problem?


Could it be a 2D thing? I'm using 2D here, but each time I use it, the scene transition works, but the player remains at the location of it's object on the scene. It doesn't move to the new co-ordinates. 

Could be. How have you set up your character? Could you post a screenshot? 

If it's a custom controller, the player is identified by a special component called "HookPlayer". Simply add this component to your Player and it should let Game Creator know that this object is the Player.