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Enable/Disable tick boxes on action and condition entries

Oliver Marshall 10 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 10 months ago 4

Hi all

I'd like to suggest small Enable/Disable tick boxes on the actions and conditions. If you have a prefab which you are re-using, it's logical that you might want to use some actions for a prefab in one instance, but others later on. It would be useful to have them pre-entered, waiting against the prefab, so that you can just enable (or disable) them as required. 

Just an idea.

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me too. Good idea.

Hi Oliver;

This is a bit difficult to pull now with the current architecture. However, we've also thought about this previously and is one of the things we want to make sure to implement with Game Creator 2.0. Thank you!

great. What's the ETA for V2? I'm really keen to see more 2D support in those core modules. 

Under review

Couldn't say, but it won't come in the near future. There are a bunch of new features Unity's introducing with 2020.1 and we're very interested in them, as they will allow us to add Actions, Variables and other features anywhere on any object. This opens a whole lot of possibilities, so we're working closely with the bleeding edge tech to make sure we can release it as soon as these tech is stable.

If I had to guess, I would say around 2020.4 LTS.