Dialogue Options Stopped Working Out of Nowhere

Cr4shBarcode 10 months ago in Dialogue updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 10 months ago 4

I've been working on a dialogue all morning. I was rearranging some actions when suddenly, upon playing, I could no longer click on the dialogue options. They do not change color and I cannot click on them anymore. I put the options back the way they were and it didn't change anything. I restarted Unity and it didn't change anything. No errors, it just stopped working. It has affected all of the dialogues in my game, even though I wasn't working with those. The dialogue system works in the Dialogue Example Scene, but there is no audio in it all of a sudden.

Unity version:
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Looks like the events are not captured. This usually happens if:
a) The Event System is missing.

b) The camera doesn't have the Raycast component.

Make sure your Main Camera has the following components: 

Let me know if this fixed the issue.

I did what you said and now the camera doesn't switch to my adventure camera. It just points off, static, in the distance to a random direction, which is odd because none of the cameras in my scene are even looking that way.

First pic is what I started with:

Second pic is what I added:

The Graphics Raycaster can not have any effect on the Adventure Camera motor, as its a Unity component used to detect taps or clicks on objects; nothing else.

I see your project has many other addons. I would recommend removing them until they are strictly necessary. Otherwise, debugging where the problem might be will be very difficult.