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Silly question. Hoy can I start with the ammo loaded and the character being able to shoot from the beginning?

(Shooter module)

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Hi! Simply add a "On Start" Trigger and use the following Actions:

- Draw Weapon (your weapon of choice)

- Aim Weapon (choose your preferred method)

If you click play, the Player should automatically pull a gun and start aiming. What's left to do is to accept shooting commands. To do so create another Trigger "On Left Mouse Down" and add the following Action:

- Shoot Weapon

That's it! Upon clicking play, you'll be able to shoot your gun without having to draw it first nor aim.


I just did that and the drawing animation plays, the weapon needs to load before shotting..

I'm sorry, haven't put the hours yet, but I feel this tool it's a bit limited... maybe?

I mean, I would like to define specific states and set a bunch of variables like life, time, bullets, coins... and how are those connected and affected by other actions and variables and so on...

What I'm triying to say is how can I set each property of any Game Creator component as I want?

If you know Playmaker it's as simple as drag an drop and set propert and from there you just build the actions and interactions you need.

I haven't put the hours yet into your tool but it's taking me a bit to understand this systems :)

Thanks, best!

Contrary to what other Asset Store packages do, the Shooter module isn't an "all-in-one" solution. We designed an ecosystem of tools that work well intertwining with them, but also as isolated units.

This means that the Shooter has only one responsibility: Handling shooting. If you want to add health bars to your enemies, you can use Local Variables, to represent their health value. However, it is best to use the Stats module to handle health and other stat properties, such as attack power, defense, etc...

Each Game Creator module is made so it works in conjunction with other modules, further expanding its features.

Hope this makes sense :-)