Bow equip problem in Shooter module

Yojimbo 10 months ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 10 months ago 7

I'm running into an issue with the Shooter module related to equipping the bow with Synty Polygon characters. There's a strange twisting motion in the torso happening. With some characters the bow is not visible. I've tried the Pirate and Modular Fantasy Hero assets. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.



Side note, thanks so much for your hard work in developing Game Creator and the modules. It's helped me to jump miles ahead in my game development progress.

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Hello, I think it’s happening when your character has rig problem. Not all bones or something else. As for me - I use mixamo system for rigging purposes

Thanks for your reply, Петр Барышевский. I tried uploading the character FBX to Mixamo and downloading as FBX for Unity. But the twisting is still happening on equip.


Something with physics ...try to disable it in player, sorry, don’t remember where pr try to disable smart kinematics on hands. If tomorrow I will have some time i’ll try to show you video example of that option, cuz I had some problems like this in shooter module when weapon shoot, maybe this will help. And my practice is to test every option in play mode and then go to scene mode and enable/disable features of my player

Thanks, Rezus13. I made some progress by unchecking stabilize body on the bow on states ease and aiming. The body doesn't twist as much.

It seems like the problem is related to the head looking at the arrow, because it only happens when loading an arrow now. But turning off IK on hand and head on the player Character Animator didn't affect anything.

Unfortunately the bow isn't visible on equip. I noticed the character avatar only has bones for two fingers. Also it doesn't have eye bones in the avatar. No console errors are showing.

Under review

Hi Yojimbo! You're correct about the "Stabilize Body". In fact, we've disabled this option in the latest Shooter module version because it was showing these weird behaviors. This is caused because Synty models have the hips rotated 90º and we just assumed the hips will always at a rotation of (0,0,0) looking forward.

Have you tried updating to the latest version? Let me know if you still experience any issues with the latest. I'm leaving this as "Under Review" since the Stabilize Body is not yet fully implemented

Looks like it's working perfectly now. Thanks so much, Marti! Much appreciated!