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Side Scroller Lock Axis

itsthehawke 2 weeks ago in Traversal updated by Marti (Lead Developer) yesterday at 2:49 a.m. 3

Working on a 2.5D side-scroller at the moment and a problem I keep running into is when a character collides with an object, it can adjust his position on the X axis, which breaks the whole point of side-scroller.

Is there a way to fix the character on a given axis?

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Not sure I fully understood your question. The If you set the Player's Input to Side-Scroll it should stick to that plane axis. Can you post a screenshot or give some more details about the issue?

The original axis the side-scroller is running on (Green) will get adjusted when I collide (in this case - slide) object that has a slope with high angle and will fall down to the ground on a new, adjusted axis (yellow).

I understand this is a normal behaviour of the Unity physics engine and it makes sense for it to happen, but it limits my possibilities greatly.

Ofcourse Im not putting objects like these into the scene, but this happens with any movable object that the character can collide with + all the ragdolls of enemies that act really crazy on collision with the player, also changing the position on the axis.

This means I can't have any objects with rigidbodies I want my character to collide with + I will need to disable player collision with enemy ragdolls because when Player jumps on an enemy ragdoll, it is going to move him very rapidly and the ragdoll itself will jump around the location like there is a huge force applied to it (possibly another bug?).

Hmm correct. I'll open a ticket and have a look at it. It may be possible to enable/disable axis snapping. Thanks for pointing this out!