Quest Duplicate Task when Switching between Mission/Quest

IndieGameHustle 5 months ago in Quests updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 3

Hi Team, 

Having a issue with quest. I have uploaded a video to assist. 

Getting a weird issue with Quest where if I have two quests each with a task. In play mode, when I switch / select between the two, the task from each is added to the other creating duplicate tasks. When I close the Menu ( Set Active to Off ) it resets back to normal.

I hope the helps, let me know if you needed anything else. 


Unity version:
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Thanks for reporting! We currently can't see our tickets due to a major outage of our ticketing system (thanks GitLab) but where're leaving this topic as Planned and Unread to come back later and properly write a new issue.

Same issue here!

Grateful to see it solved. Thank you.

It's not solved yet, but we'll take a look as soon as we do a maintenance cycle on the Quests module. I don't think it will fall into this year, but know that the ticket is open and we'll circle back as soon as we get some info.