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GameBoy 10 months ago in Game Creator updated 10 months ago 5

Hello, I use the new function "new remember active component" of GC v1.0.6, but I seem to have some problems.

First, I added a script for the Image

Second, I want to click the button to display the hidden image and save the result

Finally, the image is not displayed at load time.

This is a new feature. I don't know if I have set it up incorrectly?

Thank you.

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You're faster than our shadow :-P This is a new feature in experimental phase and we haven't had time to neither announce it or write the documentation. You're right that this particular configuration is not going to work, because the Remember component relies on it being initialized On Start. But this method is only called when the object is active.

I'll open a ticket and rethink how we initialize this component. But you're correct about how to use it.

Every GC update is expected, so I can't wait to experiment. 

I hope this function can be put into use as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your reply.  : - )


I've updated Game Creator. Unfortunately, this is something there isn't a work around. An inactive object can't be auto-initialized, so it can't query its last active state. We've added a warning message if you disable the component in edit mode that will remind you of this limitation

This is unfortunate news,So this function has no effect at all, or it can be removed from GC, right? 

The storage and loading of the Bool variable (save) is also unstable, as I mentioned earlier:


GC is such a powerful game-making tool, but it lacks a hidden and display control (which can be saved). 

Or suggest that GC integrate third-party plug-ins to solve this problem? It's worth considering.

In GC 1.0.7,

The good news is that if "Save / Load System " is disabled (unchecked) in General, the display and hiding can be save  controlled normally in unity. 

But the bad news is that after packing, the saved game will be reopened, and the displayed or hidden state cannot be loaded normally.