Variable name cannot be set in another language

GameBoy 11 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 10 months ago 4


Before version 1.0.4, variable names could be in any language, which was very friendly.

However, version 1.0.6 seems to only use English.

I hope it can be fixed.

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Hi GameBoy. Sorry about that. We changed the Variable parser and seems we made it a bit too restrictive. We'll loosen up the characters accepted on the next update. Apologies fo the inconvenience!!


Thank you for your reply, looking forward to the next update, I will continue to pay attention to and give feedback.


Hi GameBoy. I've just fixed this issue. I'm marking it as Fixed. If after the update (1.0.7) the problem still persists, feel free to continue the conversation here. Cheers!