Two newbie questions

Oliver Marshall 10 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 10 months ago 7

Hi all

Two quick questions. 

Does Game Creator support the personal edition of Unity? I just want to tinker creating things in my old age, no plans to release or sell things. 

Finally would Game Creator allow me to create a 2D top down style game?


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yes and yes it certainly does.

I do this too, also just as a hobby and you have come to the right place as unity can mostly be very over complicated and time wasting as I have realized myself over many years. Game Creator will get you there with more fun quicker and it is constantly being updated. So always check back here and ask any questions as we are all in the same boat. 

Just to let you know, that I will be buying all Game Creator modules at the end of this month. Even, if they do not appear on the black Friday sales on the 31st November. That is very soon and I would be stupid not to at least wait for that. Unity used to have many, many sales but nowerdays it’s mostly May Madness and Black Friday.

Assets can get very expensive, so do not just buy everything as most you’ll probably never need or when you do it gets deprecated and another asset is better. So only buy when you really, really need it. And always look if an asset has a forum like this one and people actually using it and support like you get here is available.

Welcome to the jungle and welcome to keeping your brain very, very active indeed.

Thanks. Was going to ask about the modules. 

If I read it correctly, really I can't do much with the core game creator kit, I need the modules to add the "fun" to things (unless I want to roll up my sleeves and start implementing things myself or coding things myself). Is that more or less correct?


Hi Olly,

I bought GC last December and have just got around to playing with it. I like it a lot and the bugs are being dealt with quickly and the features just keep growing and getting better.

I actually like it in modules as I am then not overwhelmed with a mega package to start with and it is then also cheap to get started instead of buying a package where you might not even need all the modules.

With just GC you have a lot you can do, all the main things that are need in a game.

Character controllers, animations, triggers, hotspots, UI, conditions, cameras, basic nav mesh characters and a few other things.

You can do interactions, move the player or character to markers, have simple dialogue and further more. But if you want to have a shooter character you can also do that with GC but why bother when it has already been done. The team from GC are doing all the heavy lifting, so save your back and just get the modules as you need them and as you get more comfortable with the system.

I have already in just a few days learnt a lot and even found and solved some bugs. I am currently also starting to make a video tutorial series for GC and I should be done with that in 2 weeks.

I may even put out the first one tomorrow which is riding up and down platforms with trigger enter, trigger exit and switches.

I have in the past given out a lot of money for game systems that just were to complicated and not updated enough and little or no support. I really like the speed of the updates with GC and the very good support.

So have fun

Great to hear. 

I think I'll follow your lead and wait until Black Friday and see whether they have a bit of a sale. In the meantime I can remove ORK and carry on building my scenes.

I never got the hang of ORK Framework and didn't want to pay for the update.

ORK has a lot but my head is not ORKorianted. I like the GC system and I am very sure it will just get better.


Hi guys! EagleEyez already covered all your questions fairly well. I'm closing this topic. Feel free to ask any further questions! Happy game making!