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Quest API

gyltefors 10 months ago in Quests updated 10 months ago 2

The quest module requires setting up everything manually, which is not practical when having a lot of quests, maintained in an external database.

1. Allow quests to be created procedurally, without the need for the preferences tab.

2. Allow the action to update quest status to take the technical quest name as a parameter (from another variable etc.) instead of requiring selecting manually from a dropdown.

3. Allow the quest status update trigger to take the technical quest name as an argument, in the same way as explained under 2.

Unity version:
2018 LTS
Game Creator version:
Under review

Hi Gyltefors;

1. Making procedural quests would require a major change of the codebase. We're taking note for Game Creator 2.0 and building new modules, but for our current project it's not possible to make.

2&3. Quests are identified by a unique ID, which is the one used for dragging and dropping. Doing so allows to have two quests have the exact same name. This is why we can't let you identify a quest using the name. However, using the ID as a string might be possible. We'll investigate this.

By technical name I mean the ID. Basically, a trigger would would tell me: Quest my_quest has been updated to status Active. The same trigger would trigger for any quest, and I can use the technical ID to see what quest was updated. Then I can update other subsystems accordingly. Though, I get the feeling it would be quite simple to write custom actions/triggers for this by modifying the existing actions/triggers, assuming the C# API to access quest functionality is relatively well defined.