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Head Turn Overdrive

Kal 10 months ago in Game Creator updated by Mirabel 4 months ago 6

My characters are often turning their head (hotspot/Head look at) in unnatural ways which breaks this feature for me as such movements would break their necks in reallife.

Using Mixamo rigs. A sensitvity slide/decrease would be awesome.

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By default, the heads have a turn-angle of 120 degrees (60 on each side. These should not appear like breaking the neck. Can you post a video screen capture showcasing the problem? I'm suspecting the problem could be somewhere else.


Perhaps he is meaning when it snaps back? Is it possible to have a smoother snapping back than now just for sake of smoothness?

I agree with DigitalProphet, when it snaps back it is very unnatural (once you exit the trigger area which will cause the Head Look At). It would be nice to have a smoother movement

Hi there,

I was just submitting a new issue for this and then this topic popped up for me, I forgot about it.. so I'll update this one, maybe it will be addressed soon :D 

Here is a video for the animations issue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z3K2tRDQ_hkYjw7-XU7C2LupNhJ10fgF/view?usp=sharing

As you can see the head snaps back in an ugly way when you exit the trigger for the Look At.

Is there something I can do on my side or do we need to wait for an update from you if you are willing to help?

Have a wonderful day!

Hi Mirabel, are you using the latest Game Creator version? I believe this was smoothed. I'll open a ticket to have a thorough look if you're on the latest.


Yes, I am using the latest version.