Need help customizing player health display

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Hi and thank you in advance to anyone who might be able to help me. I have purchased the Stats module and I would like to customize the UI to display health with dots/circles that represent containers; they would empty as the player loses health (along the lines of how in Zelda there are hearts instead of a health bar).

I don't plan on having a ton of variability to this stat/attribute so I don't mind making a few separate images if that's the recommended solution (e.g. an image with three full dots, another with two full dots and one empty, and another with one full dot and two empty). But even if I do that I don't understand how to interact with the UI well enough to use triggers/actions that would update the image accordingly.

The example page for working with a health bar just mentions there is a prefab, but not anything about how to tweak it. I read through the Stats UI page in the documentation and I'm still generally confused, so any advice from the ground up is appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi there!

I think this tutorial will cover all your needs:

Also subscribe to RVR and take a look at his Creating a Game series, he is a great dude and I think you gonna find lots of content in his channel that will help you a lot.

Thank you I was looking for something like this. I will check out that channel for future reference as well 👍