Dash Attack

Bruce McCormack 2 weeks ago in Melee 0

I apologize ahead of time if this is out of scope for this forum, and if there is a more appropriate place to ask I will move there:

I'm trying to create a dash attack and I'm having trouble figuring out how to make it work. I made story boards to try and illustrate what I'm aiming for, sadly art is not my strong suit:

I figured out how to do the first stage: Start by rotating the character to face their target, then send the input to the melee script. Then create a melee clip out of the animation and extract the root motion.

I start running into problems when I have enemies that are up in the air and I need the player character to dash up to them? Only ever going forward on a single plane is one thing, but enemies can be at varying hieghts, meaning the dash direction can be wildly different all the time. 

My first thought was to not extract the root motion, and instead have a Character Dash Action be called in the melee clips On Execute call back, but then how do I pass the target to the melee clip? Part of the main design of the game is when the player isn't using a particular character, it is being driven by an AI, so I can't have a static reference in the melee clip to a target.

While I'm asking, how would I essentially pick up and carry the enemies and then send them flying at the end?

As can be inferred from the post, I already have the Melee Module, as well as the Combat module from Fire Chicken Games. I'm also looking to acquire the rest of the modules at some point anyway, and I'm not afraid of making my own code if necessary. I just don't want to re-invent the wheel if there is already a way to do it and I'm just not experienced enough.

Unity version:
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