Creating a World Map using only GC.

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A world map is like a core feature in almost all RPGs and Non RPG games like wise.

From the Witcher  to Assassins' creed we have a very basic functionality of world map and fast travel.

Here is a little tutorial on how you can make one.

Firstly Create a Camera motor.

Make sure the camera motor is positioned top down watching your entire map, basically increase the Y transform to see the entire map from top.

e.g:- you can see the preview image too how it covered my entire map.

Now create a Bool global variable and name it something like MapVisible.

Create a trigger to open Mini map, basically when you press M the map should open.

it will consists of 1 Action and 1 Condition as shown above,

The first action will toggle the global variable.

The Conditions will have the following actions

What it does is , 

When you Press M. (Global variable MapVisible = true)

1.Change the camera to world map camera motor we created in first step.

2.Change time scale to 0, we will pause the game when we open world map.

3.we will remove the other UI from screen so make the user interface inactive.

4.And change camera culling masks basically there would be certain game objects you would only want to see through world map, you can make a layer as world map and put those in that layer and in culling masks show only those.

for e.g image of blacksmith on map or medic.

When you Press M again (Global variable MapVisible = false)

We will reverse all the above actions and go back to the main camera motor.

Till here we cover the viewing of world map and navigating back to play map.

Now lets make the fast travel feature through world map.

Follow the below step

1.Create a Game object

2.Create a trigger on it, On mouse double click ---> call conditions .

in conditions create the action as below:-


If the world map visible bool is true.

Change time scale to 1, since when pressing m we would have paused the game.

teleport the player to the game object.

make the bool world map visible to false.

change your camera to main camera motor.

activate the user interface

also change the camera culling mask to normal play.

Also make sure the game object/image which you will use for world map is big enough to be seen by world map, since it will be a view from top at a very high range and small objects/images might not be visible.

I have currently implement this in my game and it works perfect.


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