Change Rigidbody Broken

John 4 weeks ago in Inventory updated 4 weeks ago 2

When I put a Change Rigidbody Properties action on a piece of eqiupment for when it is equiped and set it to kinematic when it's equiped. Then I set the item Rigidbody in the scene to have mass so it will fall to the ground. I've done this but the Change Rigidbody Property is always in effect even though it's under the On Equip part of my inventory item. I think this may be a bug as it doesn't take effect only when the item is equipped but always.

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So I finally figured it out but It's not in any tutorial or documentation I could find.

In the Preferences under Inventory, when setting up an item to be equipped, the (Equip Item) and (Character Attachment) actions must not have the same option selected in the (Character) field.

From what I can tell, one must be player and the other invoker. It doesn't seem to matter which is on which so long as they are not the same.

I hope this helps someone else out as it took a couple of days to figure this out.

So I was wrong, still broken