Game Controller Input, is there no input for controller?

Hauntlud 4 weeks ago in Game Creator updated 4 weeks ago 2

Game Creator + Melee Module

Xbox 360

Left Trigger - 9th axis - 0 - 1
Right Trigger - 10th axis - 0 - 1 
D-Pad - Horizontal - 6th axis - 0 - 1

D-Pad - Vertical - 0 -1 

When you use the typical input of key down there are no options for the axis button press of these above axes?

Is there something im missing? 

If I use the solution from robsdroid215, it works with the correct input manager set up but I have to use a separate script. 


Great so now I can use RT trigger to unsheath and swing my sword around! Okay cool but I want to make sure that I have a wide target audience to test my game! I better build in multiple inputs. 

Click works but now the RT trigger on my Xbox controller doesn't!

Im a tad confused on how to set up the LT, RT & D-Pad in Gamemaker straight out of the box!? As it looks like you have built the functionality for it but I can't trigger the button presses? Sorry if im missing something I dont see any documentation on it? Thanks for the help!

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Sorry Binary slightly wrong 

Triggers 0 to 1 
Dpad - 1 to 0

If you use said code solution you need to make sure you have two different code for negative and positive for triggers and D-Pads

Another point to make is that the player Input Joystick Button 0 for jump would be different for different type of controllers? 

So with the help of a community member, he figured out that if you set up Fire1, with multiple inputs. But I think I haven't tested it that means you can have a computer and one controller set up. As if you had more than one joystick input on the fire it wouldn't work. For example bottom button A on Xbox is joystick 0 but on PlayStation its left Square Joystick 0. 

A solution for this would probably be setting custom names for the input for each trigger input type xbox etc, but that creates the error from before. Which Im not to sure why is happening. 

I want to be able to use a mouse/keyboard, Xbox controller & PlayStation controller, from what I can see with GC ATM its not possible?

Basically right now, you cant have multiple inputs on a desktop which is really quite annoying. From what I can see